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Though I wrote that I will start tomorrow, but just to get idea about what this blog will be about. Not only iPhones, FB, Twitter, Jobs’s illness, comScore…but also about totally strange ideas, inventions and solutions.
Like the Siftables.
With hand on my heart – really, no single thing made me so excited in last months. Siftbales are the idea of totally new way people could (will?) interact with digital information. And how the UI may look like.

The same way mouse allowed us to “show” computer what we want from it and  more recently – touchscreens enabled touching and picking things in our machines, Siftables are putting the very information (numbers, actions, pictures…all You want) to our hands.

Though on the first sight it must look strange and unintuitive, I thing, that if You would give Siftables to a child it would immediately understand what to do with them.
One of my colleague asked me if there is something magical about Siftables. I say – well, the hell yes! That is why I will remember them as the Harry Potter’s gizmos.

More about Siftables You can read here (in Polish)

Written by Malgosia Minta

April 18, 2009 at 6:53 pm

Posted in Innowacje

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