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Post no. -1 – Why and for what?

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So: why have I decided to clutter already seriously cluttered web with my blog?

To make it short (and – I hope – less pretentious):

First: because I think I ought (as being one  to write about new technology ,web 2.0, internet, trends, gizmos etc.)

Second: because at some point too much of personal point of view really sucks in paper (which I truely love) and even in the Internet (without which I really can not live)

Third: because in the amazing world of science and new technology so much is happening, that You really have loads subjects to write about

Fourth: sometimes You want to write or make a point on some tottaly different thing (those will be the digressions).

And one more think – because I have promised to. And I really don’t like to break word given
I think it’s all. I promise to write (more or less) on regular basis and make as little misspelings as possible. All your comments are truly wellcomed .

(Officially) we are starting tommorow.

Till then (and allways, in a fact) I invite You to my Twitter site.

You can also check on tweets from technology and science dep. of Dziennik


Written by Malgosia Minta

April 18, 2009 at 5:27 pm

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