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Bizarre – and I have no other word to call it

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Obrazek 36It arrived from the Design Milk tweet feed today. The newbies form the San Francisco-based I.W.G. Toys and Rocket World Gallery.

I watched it once. Then for the second time. And again. OMG. For a hell long time I haven’t seen something sooo bizarre. Awfull? Drastic? Disgusting? Well, maybe yes.

Here’s the story about sweet and cute bears, zebras, elephants and rhinos who…decide to strike back and …shot to Bad Humans (here’s a movie wich explains everything). All have rifles, bombs, knives and other useful thing. If You will feel sympathy  towards any of them, you can buy a figurine of your favourties.

I’m posting here Alfonso the Rhino and Makutu the Yellow Eyed Penguin. Cute, aren’t they?


Obrazek 37


Written by Malgosia Minta

May 17, 2009 at 5:39 pm

Posted in gizmos, Inne, Kocham

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