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Join the first scientific experiment on Twitter

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Twitter as an experimental tool?
Why not!
Today Richard Wiseman has announced  on his blog the official start of the First Scientific Exeperiment on Twitter. It is being organized togather with the New Scientist. The idea (making long thing short) is to chceck if people can guess once localization. Each day on 3 PM (GMT) Richard will post a tweet and all his followers are  asked to guess where the hell he is.

Richard writes: “If the majority of people select the correct target then the trial will count as a hit, otherwise it will count as a miss. There will be trials at 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Three or more hits in four trials will be seen as supporting the existence of extrasensory perception.”

To achieve valid results, Richard need thousnads of people joining him.

To participate, simply follow him on Twitter.

Written by Malgosia Minta

June 1, 2009 at 10:25 am

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