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What has (and hasn’t) Apple showed us

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iphone3gOK, I must admit that I am a Mac-girl and I am writning this post using my Air and my iPhone lays next to me. And that I have been really really curious what Apple will show us during the WWDC keynote. And , sadly, it didn’t show to much. So here is a short summary.

New iPhone
Has everything what it had been expected: a built in compass, voice recording, MMS and video-recording functionality (thanks to new OS), bigger storage (up to 32 GB). etc. And it’s called 3GS, where “S” stands for “speed”, becaouse the newphone is faster than the previous one. As for the design – no changes here, unfortunatelly. OK, the 3G look is really nice but I wouldn’t mind something new. Especially that Apple is really GOOD in designing. Togather with new hardware and new possibilities of iPhone OS 3.0 some new apps have been showed. One which is really worth buing (I hope;-) is first turn-by-turn navigation for iPhone (made by Tom Tom, so good chances it will really work). Interesting thing where applications made for medical purpose such as application for collecting and sending results from sugar level checks. As for the price – those were quite surprising, as Apple has decided to cut down prices of the ‘old” 3G to 99 USD. The new devices are priced

New MacBooks
First – we have a new baby in MacBook Pro family – and 13 inch guy. Maybe You remember there was (shortly and rather quitly living) and aluminium 13 inch MacBook. And that was the guy Apple has decided to upgrade a little and move to the Pro line up. As far as all Pro’s are concerned they all have better screens, un-removable, but longer living batteries, SD card slot and a Fire Wire port in 13″. The real highlight of this part of the Apple keynote were prices. Going down, once again, with 300-400 buck drop down on avarage.

New OS
Beware children, the Snow Leopard is here. Well, in a fact it will arrive in Autumn. Though Apple hasn’t made big changes in the look and layout of the UI, the new OS looks tempting. Especially taht it will cost You – no kidding here – 29 bucks! It is faster, more stabile, has some improvements in the Expose and so on. And it has a built in Exchange (which in case of Windows 7 You will have to buy separately – starnge, isn’t it?)

And last but not least – Jobs.
I think everyone has been expecting to see Good Ol’ and Healthy and a little bit Fattier Steve. But he wasn’t there. To sum up – no big breakthroughs in technologies. Evolution insted of revolution, as one may say. Byt the prices – aw, these ar quite nice this time.

Written by Malgosia Minta

June 9, 2009 at 10:23 am

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