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Nokia Music Store FINALLY in Poland

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Nokia Music Store Homepage

Nokia Music Store Homepage

Nokia has recently launched its Nokia Music Store in Poland. THe first branches of this internet based music and audiobooks outlet were launched last year, first in Great Britain tahn in France, Germany and other major West European countries. Now, finally, Finnish Music Store has arrived to Poland.
Currently its offering more than 4,5 millions of tracks (ca 40 % of the amount offered by iTunes). For one track You must pay 3,49 PLN, and for the whole album (regardless of the number of songs on it) 34,90 PLN.
I have tried Nokia Mucis Store and it really works. It is simple to run and You really don’t need to look into manual. Whats more in the store You will find some exclusives (like the new Moby’s album few days before it’s official premiere) and songs of most famous artist but also independent groups.
It is really a good application and a good store with good offer. BUT

But in my oppinion it didn’t fully took advantage of its position and being first in Poland before Apple and its iTunes. Why? Beacause Nokia Music Store is available only for the PC and Windows users. You may say – OK, it clear – they didn’t make application for Mac users, as they would surely use iTunes. But Nokia has forgotten that there are some countries (like for example 40 million people Poland) where there is no iTunes but there are some Mac users who can not – theoretically – use iTunes store. Whats more if Nokia really wants to be a competitor to Apple (who is no longer computer producer but also a MOBILE PHONE producer) it should address Mac users as well.
As a Mac user AND a huge Nokia fan (for me really no mobile phone – excluding iPhone – is as friendly and practical as Nokia) I am a bit sad and dissapointed that I cannot use my Nokia Music Account on my MacBook and its native OS but has to switched to Windows. A bit to much fuss to download one song…..I hope it will change. SOONER than the Nokia Music Store has arrived here.

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Written by Malgosia Minta

June 28, 2009 at 5:41 am

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