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40 years ago…

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OK, it won’t be a surprising post. But I think it is impossible to skip some subjects and pretend they don’t exist. Ladies and Gentlemen – 40 years ago we have stepped on the moon for the first time. Now we know that Apollo 11 mission and the whole space race thing was more for show-off than for science. Many argue that overall cost of the Moon expeditions was totally disproportionate to the amount of scientific knowledge. And of course some still don’t believe at Moon landing at all and that those brillinat pictures were made during some big show made by Hollywood FX specialist.

Was it good or bad that we have decided to hit the Moon? Did that expedition and many afterwards have any sense at all? IMHO You can’t be judge here. As far as my opinion is concern – I don’t perceive the Apollo 11 mission as a technology triumph or the final proof of human courage and braveness.
For me the space programs – the old one and the one runnig now – are the essence of very human characteristic – curiosity. And in my opinion appeasing of this curiosity is a fine justification for all our cosmic ideas.

In the 40th Anniversary of the Moon landing, when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were fighting to stuck US flag in the powdery surface of the Silver Globe, 13 astronauts are hanging somewhere above, on the board of ISS, with their toilet broken and food flying around them.

I am wondering: What were people thinking 40 years ago, watching Armstrong in TV? That in 2009 average American family would spend each summer holidays in Space? Or at least that the Moon will be a popular spot for getting marry?

Well, it seems that Space has occurred to be more harsh to conquer that we have previously And it is still a huge challenge for us to go there with no bad surprises and live and work there as we would do on Earth.

But IMHO, even it occurred to be harder that we have suspected, we should be keeping trying. Why? Just to prove that we are human – curious the world around us, keen on going where no one has been before and somehow irrational in our dreams.

And for dessert – some nice present from NASA

I would like to apologize that I haven’t been here for so long. Life, You know. But I promise to be better and write at least every 2 days.

Written by Malgosia Minta

July 21, 2009 at 11:12 am

Posted in Nauka

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