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Background War: Seven wins over Snow Leopard (yes, I mean it)

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As You may already noticed, I am a mac-perosn and on the daily basis I use Mac OS X. And so I think that when the Snow Leopard will arrive into town next month, it will appear on my stationary-mobile MBP as well. But – at least for the fair competition rules sake – I will have Windows Seven installed as well on the second computer .

Time to write which is better in what will come. Later. But now I  wanted to say something about totally unimportant thing – backgrounds. OK, may sound silly but I really DO like to look on nice piece of artwork on my chaotic desktop, even if it woudl be covered in 90 percent with folders’ and files’ icons.
The CreativeBits has just published 35 backgrounds which will be included in the Snow Leopard. The backgrounds from the Seven have been known in April. So, which set is better?

Ehm, Ladies And Gentlemen, the Main Prize in the “Best Background” category goes to ….Windows Seven.  Yes, I really mean it. The backgrounds form the Snow Leo are totally conventional -some nature macros, landscapes, graffitis, black and white pictures and some art masterpieces reproductions. (click to download). Everything nice and smooth. BUT nothing unusual, surprising, innovative. I felt a bit disappointed. Especially that Microsoft which stereotypically thinking ought to be the conventional and traditional one, came up with (beside the standard architecture and nature images)  really REALLY great pieces: fresh, bizarre, absurd, psychedelic, yet beautiful. Well, at least in my opinion. (click to download). I especially like the one with aibo-like bubble babies and two elegant creatures traveling on turtle-like animals. It’s great that someone in MS has allowed such untypical and extravagant pictures to appear in the basic background set. And what do You think?


Written by Malgosia Minta

August 12, 2009 at 11:34 am

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