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Adopt a Star and Why I Have Bought a Site on

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keplerWant to have a star form the sky? Well, nothing simpler. As the New Scientist writes, with the new project called Pale Blue Dot (name comes after how Carl Sagan used to call our own planet)  You can well, not buy,  but adopt a star. With this quite unique programme a non-profit organisation is raising money for analysing data collected during the NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler Mission. For 10 dollars you will get a chance to pick one of more than 100 000 stars and   put a small flag on the one chosen (all adopted stars are presented on Google Sky ). If there would be any discovery related to your star, you will be informed about it asap.

What do You think about it? I think it is just simple great! First, with small money you are helping scientists who really need cash and are doing some amazing stuff. Second –  isn’t it just a great fun to adopt a star? Personally, I would be very keen on having one or two cosmic pupils under my care.

For this same reason – purely childish fun – some time ago I have bought …a spot on a Moon. Well, being precise I have bought a certificate of ownership of a football pitch size lot. Yes, you can call me a total space-geek or a typical victim of too much Star Wars watching but what the hell – I am a happy owner of some little piece of Silver Globe. So if I will really get bored with Earth life I will have some place to run 🙂


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August 18, 2009 at 6:43 pm

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