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And some more newbies – this time form Canon

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Summer slowly comes to its end so it’s high time to present all things new for the Autumn 2009 season. That’s what Canon has done today, showing us some new digital cameras, camcorders and printers. So lets look at the cameras now.
New children in the stylish IXUS family are  the 120 is and 200 is. The first one is calimed to be the slimmest digital compact with wide -angle 28 mm lens with 4x zoom, 12.1 mpx sensor and 2,7 LC screen. The 200 IS has a 24 mm wide-angle lens with 5x zoom, the same 12.1 mpx sensor and a 3″ touch screen (those are beginning to be trendy; check the Sony cameras for example).

Nice thing to see are new cameras form the PowerShot S line – really, there are people who don’t want to by a digital rebel and are very keen on having good point’n’shoot camera with reasonable zoom though.  The SX120 IS nas a 10x zoom lens, and the   SX20 IS – as you may guess – 20x zoom lens.
Last but not least – G11, so the successor of the G10 (my beloved one;-). It may be surprising that the new camera has a smaller resolution sensor (10,1 mpx instead of 14,7 mpx we would get with G10). As return we are getting better sensibility and a dual anti noise system, so we would make better pics in low light conditions for example. Aaah, and one more thing – a tilting display .


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August 19, 2009 at 3:43 pm

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