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That Is How We Will Read Newspapers

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Sony Reader Daily in Landscape Orientation

By saying that traditional newspapers are becoming obsolate (or at leat that they are loosing publicity in favor of more up-to-date internet) I won’t discover wheel or even America. As well as claiming that the future of newspapers are e-newspapers, read on screens of specially designed gadgets, that could be updated more frequently than once in 24 hrs. But till now there was no such a gadget compatible with newspaper-ish layout – those available had usually too small screens. Good for reading paperbacks, but not for big pages of dailies. Some time ago Amazon has showed us Kindle DX with huuuge (as for e-book readers) 9,7″ screen, small keyboard and again huuuge price of 489 USD. And now here comes the new Sony Reader called…Daily. It has a big, 7 ” touch screen. For comfortable lecture of newspaper one would hold the Reader in landscape orientation, so half of the regular newspaper page should look nicely on the screen. Together with the WiFi module it will hold a 3G module, so one could update the content of the reader even outside the WLAN range.  In its memory Daily could hold up to 1000 e-books, with possibility of expanding with memory card.

What papers would be available on Daily? That is going to announced in following weeks. The Daily itself will hit stores 7th December with 399 USD price-tag.

Written by Malgosia Minta

August 25, 2009 at 7:46 pm

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