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IFA – Part 3

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Maybe You have already realized that for me gadgets have to be functional, user friendly and  well, pretty 😉 Maybe its horribly girlish but I think that now the design of the product is as important as its technical specifics. If I want a TV, I want one which shows nice images and look nice itself. If I want a phone, it must be not only functional, but also ergonomic and interesting in its form. So in the last of IFA post I’d like to show You some nice looking gizmos I have stumble upon there.
Of course there are cameras – one of the most stylish category of electronic products, where producers are not afraid of accenting the very look of the gadget, not only its functions. I believe that nowadays people are keen on buying new pocket cameras not only because they are technically old, but because they would find a nice looking one in the shop (the previous one goes to grandma/child, and the new one stays in our pocket). My friends (girls I mean) carry their small Ixuses or Coolpixes or Cybershots on parties, dates, for shopping, trips, coffees with other friends – everywhere, just to be prepared to shot a pix wherever and whenever. And I think that green or orange or terribly pink camera suits purse better than boring silver one. As the basic technology of digital imagery is getting cheaper, colours and even original, sometimes brave forms (look at the Panasonic below)  and textures (check the JVC) are entering other product categories . I am waiting for next steps here, really. No to boring, unified gadgets! Yes to all things different, colorful and pretty!

Written by Malgosia Minta

September 6, 2009 at 3:28 pm

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