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Gizmo Day – Part 1

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Today we have quite nicer date, don’t You think? 9/09/09. Maybe this magi8cal numbers made some producers to organize their press events right today. The most expected is the event of Apple (possibly new iPods and the Beattles on the iTunes Store) and moreover – more locally – we have some Warsaw press events of Asus-Garmin duo and Lenovo on the schedule.
But the first one to start with news was Palm, presenting it’s new smart-phone called Pixi. Pixi is a younger and smaller sister to Palm Pre – it runs the same WebOS and has similar functions. Main thing different here is the uncovered keyboard (in Pre it is hidden under the touchscreen). Pixi shall be available before Holiday season. Moreover palm has cut down the Pre’s price – now for the phone with 2 year contract one must pay 149 USD (50 bucks less than previously).

Palm Pixi
Palm Pixi

More news on gizmo to come later.

Written by Malgosia Minta

September 9, 2009 at 9:15 am

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