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Czekoladowy Wieczór z LG

It is said that diamonds are girls’ best friends. But IMHO chocolate works as good as shiny stones when it comes to low-mood moments. Chocolate can really cheer you up. Especially the semi-bitter chocolate, with roasted almonds. Or the new Chocolate mobile phone from LG.

When I’ve seen the pictures of the BL40 for the first time I had mixed feelings about it. In one hand the phone with its shiny blackness and ascetic form looked really nice and was intriguing with it’s longish screen. But in the other hand that large, 4′ screen made me wonder if the thing is ergonomic and comfortable to use. Today, having played with it I must admit that those worries were unnecessary. The thing, despite strange proportions really suits ones hand and You can easily use it’s touch screen with your thumb. The 4″ LCD touch-screen is able to recognize gestures. This works for example when you want to enlarge pictures or if you want to create a “gesture shortcut” to your favorite function or other menu item. Must say that the touchscreen here is quite responsive, which is nice.
Talking about menu and UI, the one used in BL40 is the same UI you will find in the LG Arena phone. It is called the Cubicle and works as it is named. Particular items from menu are placed on the walls of 3D cube that you can rotate with your finger. If you’re not so keen on special UI effects, you can choose to watch menu in more list-like style (you will see the particular walls of the cube instead the whole 3D form).
Of course, Bl40 has all multimedia functions and additions you’d expect to find in a modern phone – camera (5 megapixel resolution; nice thing is a camera mode for taking pictures of text or notes), radio, music and video player, navigation (LG works here with the Navi Expert).
But what makes this phone different is its design – sleek, original yet simple and ascetic. The bad part of the story is the price though – 1999 PLN. For good sweet you must pay, as it seems.

Nearly half less would cost you the smaller bro of BL40 – LG BL20. This phone has a slider form and has no touchscreen, but a touch panel placed below the display and a keyboard hidden underneath.  Beside the different form, inside you’ll find the same things as in BL40.

LG "Chocolate" BL40
LG “Chocolate” BL40

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September 17, 2009 at 9:27 pm

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