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Headphones that feel you

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Headphones and music you can put in your pocket and listen when being in subway or bus is a great invention. You can isolate from the crowd and make your own musical bubble of privacy. But sometimes it happens then when you listen to latest Kings of Leon album suddenly someone is calling You on your mobile. And now the race starts – one hand is diving into the bag, second is trying to take out the headphone from your ear, free your neck from the cord to prevent suffocating, hold glasses sitting on your scalp, press the green sign on mobile to pick up the conversation and “stop” button on your iPod or whatever. Uh-uh. A bit to much, don’t you think?
Having done that acrobatics few times in my life I here announce that the new headphones from SonyEricsson are really something nice. Smart. Nice. Under the top-secret and totally un-sexy name of MH907 you’ll find the first headphones that can sense you and what you want from them. To listen to the music or pick up the phone just put the plug in your ear to activate the voice. To stop the music or conversation just take the plugs out. Easy? Totally!
Watch the movie to get the idea of the invention. (PS. IMHO the animation is really nice)

Put your ears in control – MH907

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SonyEricsson Motion Activated Headphones MH907

SonyEricsson Motion Activated Headphones MH907

Written by Malgosia Minta

September 21, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Posted in gizmos

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