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On Dispappearing Books (and Apology that doesn’t matter)

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kindle1Last few days have belonged to Kindle. But, unfortunately, the reason of the huge buzz around Amazon’s gadget wasn’t so nice. Last week some Kindle owners found out that some of the books they had downloaded have been erased form their devices. The funniest thing is that one of the disappearing titles was “1984” by George Orwell. Magic? Malfunction? No. The reason stated by Amazon was simpler – the books were erased as the bookstore had stopped to sell them (Amazon says that the publishers haven’t right for the books). And the fact that  people had bought those e-books and payed for them with real money hadn’t matter at all! Thinking alike, You could imagine that the delivery man from Amazon could come to your home and – without asking – take away books from your shelf. Personally I would kill for that. So it wasn’t surprising that in few seconds  Amazon have became a “big bad wolf” in hi-tech world. And, You know, it has deserved it. Though I am a gadget fan(atic?;-) I love books and the idea sitting beside it. I don’t like to borrow them, I like to know, that they are on the shelves, waiting to be pick in every possible moment. Finding out that the book You have is not there – it is like losing person You know You can always call. But Amazon don’t know that, I guess.

This Thursday Jeff Bezos, Kindle’s father and Amazon’s CEO has posted an apology , saying taht he is very very sorry for the whole mess and that Amazon’s solution was “stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with our principles” and that they “will use the scar tissue from this painful mistake to help make better decisions going forward, ones that match our mission”.

My guess is that Kindle owner won’t forgive so quickly and forget about the whole accident.  Sorry Jeff, your apology doesn’t count to much. And if had an ambition to became another Steve Jobs (or at least someone second to Steve Jobs) with cool company behind and a nice looking, trendy gadget to offer – ooops, this might be quite hard now.


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July 24, 2009 at 3:18 pm

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