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About a genious, children books and flying into space

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Today afternoon the agencies have informed, that Stephen Hawking, famous astrophysicist, cosmologist and mathematician had been rushed to the hospital. In rather laconic announcement form Cambridge University it was only stated that scientist is „very ill“.

The hospitalisation was caused by lung infection with which Hawking has fighting for few weeks now. The state of weakened Hawking became so bad that finally doctors have decided to move him to the clinic to keep Hawking under permanent observation.

Since many years Hawking is living with ASL – a neurodegenerative disorder that cannot be treated. Because of his illness Hawking in nearly totally paralyzed. He can only move one finger and speak using a specially made voice synthesizer.

Hawking is – and I won’t say anything original or unusual here – one of the greatest minds of our times. But besides being a genious physicist and cosmologist, Hawking has made and is still making a great job in popularizing science. Because one thing is to know something. And knowing how to spread someone’s knowledge and make in clear for other is totally different and the hell more though thing to do.

His „Short history of time“ has become a worldwide bestseller, being sold in few millions copies. Similarly other titles like „The Universe in a nutshell“ became amazingly popular among people who really have nothing to do with serious science, especially quantum physics in day-to-day life.

Recently Hawking started to write for children. Together with his daughter Lucy he has already written two books about a boy named George. Besides talking about fantastic adventures of the main protagonist, those books are smuggling a load of quite difficult knowledge to the mind of small kids, who usually hate maths, calculus and all things related. For me – COOL!

Other (and for sake of the length of this post and your patience – last mentioned) thing with which Hawking made me totally for him are his dreams. Doing research and teaching about science this 67-year-old Briton wants to…go to space obviously. Two years ago prof. Hawking has made a first step – he took a zero gravity fight, during which he could feel how it would be like to float in space. Being stuck to the wheel chair since his early years he had to feel truly like on cloud nine. The Hawking’s flight should take place this year.

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April 21, 2009 at 9:23 am

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