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Lunch on the orbit

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Following last week’s post about space cookies, I must make a confess – I always wanted to go to space. And I still do. As an astronaut, of course. (Being true for me it is more logical that spaceshuttle are able to take off form the ground than the regular airplanes are able to do so)
Having a chance to see the blue marble Earth, to float in space, to catch flying droplets of orange jucie. Gosh! That would be something. Maybe, someday.
Being a foodie as well I wanted to show You a quite interesting list of Ten Best Space Foods, which I’ve found on the Discovery Channel Space site. Did You know, that tortillas are a basic cosmic bread – becasue they don’t crumble so much.
Moreover, beside regular canned food, sometimes astronauts have occasin to taste some dishes made by celebrity chefs, e.g. Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray. So what do You think about space diet? As for me I would rather wait till they would have a fridge on-board. I just couldn’t imagine 4 months with garlic and onions as my only fresh veggies.

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April 30, 2009 at 4:54 pm

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