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What Has Fallen from the Apple Tree

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It's only rock and roll, but we like it :-)

So we are after the long awaited Autumn Apple event. As it had happened before, some of the pre-event rumors have turned out to be true. And some not.
As it was expected (and really easy to deduct), whole event was about iPods.
It started with introduction of the new revamped iPod Touch, now holding memory as big as 64 GB and with new processor that handles games better. Apple is promoting Touch as a pocket gaming device, in the type of DS Lite or PSP. I have played on Touch of past generation in few games and I must admit that it was quite nice experience. The rumor that the new Touch will have a camera turned out to be missed.

The second on stage were Nanos. And those are now equipped with camera (640×480 pixels) which is able to record movies. Furthermore new Nanos have buil-in FM radio, pedometer (works with Nike+) and a bit bigger screen (2,2″ instead of 2″). And they are available in really nice, vibrant colours…Really, if I was to choose one, it would be a terribly hard to make a decision :-). Preferably I would like to have all of them – You know, to match with different shoes, bags, skirts and so on ;-). New Nanos will be available with memory of 8 or 16 GB.

IPod Nano

As it comes to Shuffles, those have now a special adapter which let you to use other, meaing non-Apple headphones. And they come in more colours: pink, green and blue beside the previous silver and black .

IPod Shuffle

In iPod Classics there is not much new – they have a bigger storage now (160 GB instead of 120 GB).

To complete the new iPods, the new iTunes 9  has been presented. The new thing in the Apple iTunes Store is a new format of albums (called iTunes LP), which holds not only music, but also lyrics, pictures and other multimedia stuff related to the band. The rumor thatthe Beatles will arrive to iTunes Store on 9/9/09 also turned out to be missed. But the Beatles’ fans shouldn’t be sad – yesterdey brought us the premiere of the whole big box of remastered Beatles’ albums and the new edition of RockBand,  starring Lennon & Co. characters.

But the biggest thing on yesterday’s event was the appearance of Steve Jobs himself. Still a bit to thin and weakly looking, but smiling as before. Get well Steve. We are waiting for more “and one more thing” here!

Steve Jobs we własnej osobie


Written by Malgosia Minta

September 10, 2009 at 8:30 am