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10 miliardów piosenek kupionych z iTunes Store

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Tak, dobrze przeczytaliście. Dzisiaj z Cupertino nadeszła wiadomość, że z uruchomionego w 2003 r. internetowego sklepu Apple’a z piosenkami (głównie, choć nie tylko) pobrano 10-miliardowy utwór.
Kawałkiem, który przypieczętował pozycję Apple’a na rynku sprzedaży muzyki okazał się “Guess Things Happen That Way” Johnny’ego Casha, kupiony przez Louie’go Sulcera z Woodstock w stanie Georgia. Szczęśliwy kupujący otrzymał w prezencie bon na kwotę 10 tys. dolarów. Miło i słodko i wzruszająco, ale z tyłu głowy się kołacze, że w Polsce nadal nie ma iTunes Store…
I z tej okazji przypominam o akcji We Want iTunes Store in Poland. Ja ją popieram i mam nadzieję, że kiedyś się ajtjunsow doczekam.

A poniżej naprawdę dobra infografika z GIGAOM przedstawiająca historię iTunes

Droga, jaką przebyły iTunes do 10 mld pobranych piosenek. Źródło: GIGAOM

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February 25, 2010 at 11:57 pm

What Has Fallen from the Apple Tree

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It's only rock and roll, but we like it :-)

So we are after the long awaited Autumn Apple event. As it had happened before, some of the pre-event rumors have turned out to be true. And some not.
As it was expected (and really easy to deduct), whole event was about iPods.
It started with introduction of the new revamped iPod Touch, now holding memory as big as 64 GB and with new processor that handles games better. Apple is promoting Touch as a pocket gaming device, in the type of DS Lite or PSP. I have played on Touch of past generation in few games and I must admit that it was quite nice experience. The rumor that the new Touch will have a camera turned out to be missed.

The second on stage were Nanos. And those are now equipped with camera (640×480 pixels) which is able to record movies. Furthermore new Nanos have buil-in FM radio, pedometer (works with Nike+) and a bit bigger screen (2,2″ instead of 2″). And they are available in really nice, vibrant colours…Really, if I was to choose one, it would be a terribly hard to make a decision :-). Preferably I would like to have all of them – You know, to match with different shoes, bags, skirts and so on ;-). New Nanos will be available with memory of 8 or 16 GB.

IPod Nano

As it comes to Shuffles, those have now a special adapter which let you to use other, meaing non-Apple headphones. And they come in more colours: pink, green and blue beside the previous silver and black .

IPod Shuffle

In iPod Classics there is not much new – they have a bigger storage now (160 GB instead of 120 GB).

To complete the new iPods, the new iTunes 9  has been presented. The new thing in the Apple iTunes Store is a new format of albums (called iTunes LP), which holds not only music, but also lyrics, pictures and other multimedia stuff related to the band. The rumor thatthe Beatles will arrive to iTunes Store on 9/9/09 also turned out to be missed. But the Beatles’ fans shouldn’t be sad – yesterdey brought us the premiere of the whole big box of remastered Beatles’ albums and the new edition of RockBand,  starring Lennon & Co. characters.

But the biggest thing on yesterday’s event was the appearance of Steve Jobs himself. Still a bit to thin and weakly looking, but smiling as before. Get well Steve. We are waiting for more “and one more thing” here!

Steve Jobs we własnej osobie

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September 10, 2009 at 8:30 am

Gizmo Day – Part 1

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Today we have quite nicer date, don’t You think? 9/09/09. Maybe this magi8cal numbers made some producers to organize their press events right today. The most expected is the event of Apple (possibly new iPods and the Beattles on the iTunes Store) and moreover – more locally – we have some Warsaw press events of Asus-Garmin duo and Lenovo on the schedule.
But the first one to start with news was Palm, presenting it’s new smart-phone called Pixi. Pixi is a younger and smaller sister to Palm Pre – it runs the same WebOS and has similar functions. Main thing different here is the uncovered keyboard (in Pre it is hidden under the touchscreen). Pixi shall be available before Holiday season. Moreover palm has cut down the Pre’s price – now for the phone with 2 year contract one must pay 149 USD (50 bucks less than previously).

Palm Pixi
Palm Pixi

More news on gizmo to come later.

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September 9, 2009 at 9:15 am

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Nokia Music Store FINALLY in Poland

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Nokia Music Store Homepage

Nokia Music Store Homepage

Nokia has recently launched its Nokia Music Store in Poland. THe first branches of this internet based music and audiobooks outlet were launched last year, first in Great Britain tahn in France, Germany and other major West European countries. Now, finally, Finnish Music Store has arrived to Poland.
Currently its offering more than 4,5 millions of tracks (ca 40 % of the amount offered by iTunes). For one track You must pay 3,49 PLN, and for the whole album (regardless of the number of songs on it) 34,90 PLN.
I have tried Nokia Mucis Store and it really works. It is simple to run and You really don’t need to look into manual. Whats more in the store You will find some exclusives (like the new Moby’s album few days before it’s official premiere) and songs of most famous artist but also independent groups.
It is really a good application and a good store with good offer. BUT

But in my oppinion it didn’t fully took advantage of its position and being first in Poland before Apple and its iTunes. Why? Beacause Nokia Music Store is available only for the PC and Windows users. You may say – OK, it clear – they didn’t make application for Mac users, as they would surely use iTunes. But Nokia has forgotten that there are some countries (like for example 40 million people Poland) where there is no iTunes but there are some Mac users who can not – theoretically – use iTunes store. Whats more if Nokia really wants to be a competitor to Apple (who is no longer computer producer but also a MOBILE PHONE producer) it should address Mac users as well.
As a Mac user AND a huge Nokia fan (for me really no mobile phone – excluding iPhone – is as friendly and practical as Nokia) I am a bit sad and dissapointed that I cannot use my Nokia Music Account on my MacBook and its native OS but has to switched to Windows. A bit to much fuss to download one song…..I hope it will change. SOONER than the Nokia Music Store has arrived here.

My article about first Nokia Music Store launch

And one more article on the subject

My test of Nokia Music Store

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June 28, 2009 at 5:41 am