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CES 2010 cz. 3 – telewizorowo

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Choć targi CES są póświęcone nowym technologiom w ogóle, to przechadzając się po halach wystawowych ma się wrażenie, że dookoła są tylko…telewizory. Ściany z telewizorów, sufity z telewizorów, wieże z telewizorow – wszystko mrugające, kuszące ognistymi barwami i powalające dźwiękiem. A oto kilka zaledwie nowinek, które możnaby sobie ustawić w salonie.

Sony Bravia LX900 - jeden z 38 nowych modeli telewizorów Sony pokazanych w Las Vegas; przykład nowego monolitycznego designu Bravii. Model LX900 umożliwia oglądanie filmów w 3D

LG Infinia LE9500 - telewizor 3D Ready, o grubości ok. 2 cm

68" Sharp LE920 - LCD z podświetleniem LED, wyświetla cztery barwy (czerwony, zielony, niebieski i żółty) co ma zapewniać ostzrejszy obraz

TC-P50V25 - Telewizor Full HD 3D od Panasonica

Podczas targow ES panasonic (oraz LG) poinformował o tym, że jego telewizory będą umożliwiać prowadzenie rozmów przez Skype'a

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January 7, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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IFA – Part 2

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IFA 2009

IFA 2009

So, as I’ve promised, the second day of the IFA show in Berlin. And TV. LOADS of TV’s. But in the center of attention – as it was during the CES in Las Vegas – were the 3D TV’s. You could find them for example on Sony’s and LG’s stands and people were literally waiting in ques to watch U2 concert in 3D or to play in some racing games on PS3 connected to the 3D screen. On the Panasonic stand again You could see the first ever Plasma TV home theater system. Of course to watch the 3D movie or play a game You need to put on special glasses, looking like regular sunglasses. And I must say that despite this little discomfort the sensation is grand! (of course the best way to watch/listen to U2 is a live concert- thanks Mac ;-).  It is said that 3D HD TV’s are going to hit the market the next year. However now You have really just a few movies/concerts to watch in such form.

Another yet-to-be technology are OLED screen – amazingly flat and energy-saving but amazingly expensive as well. The only commercially available OLED TV comes from Sony and is just 11 (XEL-1 model for ca 2,500 $). Now, on the IFA, LG has presented it’s own AMOLED TV – slim and nice looking  15″  thing, which is just 3,2 mm thick. It will debut in November. Of course companies are racing in making even bigger OLED’s but for know a mass production of let say 40-inch screens is very complicated and impossible to run on commercial, mass basis.

Sharp Aquos LCD LED TV

Sharp Aquos LCD LED TV

So, for now it is better to invest in big falt screens with LED backlight. Sharp has brought to Berlin its new Aquos TVs with full LED backlight (LE700E and LE600E), made in the 10th generation technology process. Though those TVs aren’t so flat as the LCD with frame-like, side LED arrangement, their producer claims that only this way You can get better colours and real black on the screen. And as far as my eyes are working correctly, this is true – colours on the new LED TV are perfect. What’s more those TV are highly energy efficient and made without toxic substances such as lead.

Other interesting LED LCD are the LG’s Borderless TVs, where it is really hard to find the border between the frame and the screen. Nice looking thing, really.

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September 4, 2009 at 11:51 pm

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