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Your Heart On-line

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Sounds like Johnny Mnemonic or Matrix-reality thing, but this is what doctors from the St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York have done. Well, nearly. Three weeks ago 61-year old woman, Carol Kasyjanski, has become the first person in the World to have a wireless pacemaker implanted into her body.

Though pacemakers – small things responsible for correcting heart’s ryth in cardiac patients – aren’t anything new, the gadget implanted into pacemakerKasyjanski’s body is a real breakthrough and a mile stone in telemedicine. Thanks to the built-in WiFi module the device can send data about woman’s heart state directly to the doctor via the Internet. That means, that Kasyjansky’s doctor can check what’s happening with her any time, without calling for her to come to hospital. Now, when Carol would go for her regular check-up, the doctor would have nearly all his work done and nearly all information needed collected in his computer. The WiFi pacemaker has received the FDA approval in July this year. Each year 600 000 people from around the world are having pacemakers implanted.

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August 11, 2009 at 7:32 pm

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Patricia Pancreas and Lucy Lung – quite different dolls, which make You think

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donor dollsDonating organs after death is very important, though controversial issue. For example, despite the fact that I know, that my liver or lung could help someone I am not sure if I would wanted to become a donor, even though I for cremation .
Maybe I will change my and in some time (it would be good, wouldn’t it?). Taking into account my statement above it may (or rather must) sound hypocritical, but I think that the organ donation is an issue worth talking about and educating about. So the people would know what choice they have.

There, I finished. The reason to write that above are really different toys created by David Foox, an artist based in Denver, Colorado. Though most probably he has created his dolls just for fun, I think that accidentally such funny story can make people think about what they can do with their livers, lungs etc. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honoured to present to you the amazing Donor Dolls.

We have here a doll of Black Market Kidney, Red Blood Cell, Cornea and Smoker’s Lung (yuck!!!!). And 2o other. Cute, though horrible.

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April 24, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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