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Bing it!

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Microsoft has launched its new web search engine which is aimed to compete with the mighty Google. BING, because that’s how the new product has been named, is claimed to be a “decision engine”, as it suppose to help us make right decisions.

This is the third time Microsoft is taking on web searches – two previous products made in Redmond were MSN Search and Live Search. But they haven’t happen to be a real rivals for Google. Bing is hoped to make a change. Well, we’ll see.

And here are the answers for query about Polska.
In Bing:


In Google

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Written by Malgosia Minta

June 1, 2009 at 1:09 pm

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It works. Cool isn’t it?

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what is the highest building?

OK, maybe it is the crucial evidence that I am a freakin’ nerd, but..the first (OK, the third – after taking shower and making cuppa tea) thing I have done today was checking on Wolfram Alpha.
And surprise surprise – it works. Mainly. So here are the screenshots of its performance when faced with 3 Q: What is the highest building? Who is the Prime Minister of Poland? and Where is Warsaw. Unfortunatelly WA was a bit confused when it came to Q: What colour are the eyes of a tiger. But I hope WA will found answer to that one soon.



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Who is the prime minister of Poland?

Written by Malgosia Minta

May 16, 2009 at 7:05 am

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Wolfram Alpha – it will all start today

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Today at 7 pm. CT (so at midnight back here in Warsaw) the Wolfram Alpha will be finally brought on-line.
Just for a quick wrap up – Wofram Alpha is a project aimed to create a new way of web search.
Its author, Stephen Wolfram calls it a new computational knowledge engine. In opposite to Google and other web search engines this one will work on regular questions form the user. Thanks to special software the WA will be (or should be) able to interpret what we want to know. So instead of showing us a list of links to pages, WA should answer our inquiry. Would it manage to do so? We will soon find out.

Written by Malgosia Minta

May 15, 2009 at 11:07 am

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